Pride in myself Meme!

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Describe one of the things you have done in life, that make you glow with pride.

One thing that i have done in life that i have pride in is my art work. I have been drawing, coloring and painting since i could walk. During elementary school I’ve won several prizes, competitions, and ribbons for my art. One of my favorite competitions that i entered was in 7th grade when i went to the National Women’s Art-show and won 3rd place in my division. I have most of my recent art on my walls of my room and other paper pieces my parents have kept during the years are in totes. Most of my sculptures,and clay-work are on shelves in the living room. My artwork is my special talent and thats why i take pride in it.

I would like to tag these people to take part in this meme

Abbey Simone Grace Summer Aaron Haley Molly MeganP Erin Anj1

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